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The path, linear, allows you to appreciate some of the most salient features of the landscape of the Rocca of Ceres UNESCO Global Geopark.

Parting from the Visitor center of the Special Natural Reserve of the Pergusa Lake, where the Ciclofficine is based, the route will follow the circumlacustre route from which one can admire the only inland lake of inland Sicily that is not infrequently crowded with different species of waterfowl.

The plot will come out of the lake conca and reach the largest share at 809 metres inert itself quickly along the slope of the Zagaria contrada. From there it will go down by running secondary rural roads, in an intensely inhabited countryside to reach the crossroads of Scioltalbino.

From here you will follow the path of the ancient ferdinandea road, today the SS 117 bis, precluded from great vehicular traffic. The Landscape will abruptly change itself to large and deep valleys with spectacular calcareous ruins and ancient masseys. It will cost the ancient village of the "Granci" a small rural fraction of Enna and will descend into the sinuous canyon of the serier Cateratta, excavated by the terrente San Giovannel in the heart of the calcareous rocks and staked by the. The remains of several water mills and the incredible abandoned village of St. Thomas.

Following always the SS 117 Bis will reach the state's Enna Caltanissetta, which, for a very short stretch, will take place with great attention, to the crossroads for Borgo Casino. The provincial, descending softly, will allow us to see the characteristic profile of the small country with its two towers and the many cypresses that surround it.

Built as a rural borough at the end of the fascist twenties and dedicated to the general military hero Cascino, it gathers around a beautiful square whose sides were once a place of the different civic functions, from the Church, to the Posta, to the Podestarile delegation to the Civic Tower. Today the borough has a very good restaurant and an agricamping with bungalow, plaque for the equipped soak and two small apartments in BnB.

The CEA has in the Borgo Square a local distressed spot of the cyclofficine and useful to give shelter and recharge the means.

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