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Between the XIII and XV century chapels for the shelter of travelers and pilgrims were built along the streets of Tanaro.This route follows the tracks of the pilgrims and the faithful who came along these places in the Middle Ages.The places have been restored by the project "The Chapels of Tanaro on the Pilgrims' and Salt Way" which is proposed by the San Fiorenzo Cultural Association, 
the Pro Niella Tanaro Association and the Municipalities of Cigliè and Rocca Cigliè, for the Bando Valorizzazione "Beni in Rete". Its purpose is to increase and 
improve tourist and cultural knowledge of the area and the chapels that are part of the project. On the way back we would like to remind you to pay attention to the traffic on the street SP12 "Fondovalle Tanaro".


  • Departure from Niella Tanaro, Ciglè, Rocca Cigliè, Bastia Mondovì

  • 26 Km

  • 6/18/24, 3:00 AM h

What do you find along the route