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This route crosses one of the most beautiful and characteristic areas of Monferrato!

Our pedal assisted bicycles will take you to the wonderful heart of this land, full of surprises and breathtaking landscapes.

From the Big Bench of “Bricco Lu”, you can enjoy a 360 degree view (or almost) of the whole surrounding landscape. In the distance, the Alps, with their perennial glaciers, will be the masters. All around you, you will see the immensity of the vineyards and hazelnut groves that represent the real flagship of Monferrato Area.

How to visit Montegrosso d’Asti

Montegrosso preserves an ancient medieval village located on the top of the hill. Right in the ancient center, the feudal castle stands out imposingly, built in 1134, a true work of engineering for the time.

Our journey starts from the “Enoteca dei Colli Astiani”, a reference point in the area for over 20 years for all lovers of good wine.

The route will wind between the hills of Monferrato and Langhe through splendid scenery.

You pedal almost immediately on a slope to reach the "crest" of the surrounding hills and enjoy the best landscapes.

Once you reach the border with Castagnole delle Lanze you will reach the Big Bench of Bricco Lu, from which you will have a memorable view of the surrounding landscape.


Continuing the ride "on the crest" you will arrive at the ancient village of Calosso, also perched on a hill dominating the surrounding landscape.

This town is made famous by the Rapulè Festival which takes place every year on the third weekend of October, when the harvest comes to an end.

During this event it is possible to wander through the streets of the historic center tasting the typical dishes of Piedmontese cuisine, combined with sensational wine tastings.

In Calosso, the fortified wall that houses the ancient medieval castle certainly stands out.

This imposing structure has had a rather troubled history over the centuries and has undergone numerous destructions and alterations.

Agliano Terme and Retourn

Continuing along the route you will reach the town of Agliano Terme, a town famous for its wine landscapes and, as the name itself says, for its small spa.

You will reach the highest point of the town, characterized by a large square with an excellent view and the majestic tower of the ancient castle.

The castle of Agliano Terme was destroyed in the first half of the seventeenth century during the struggle between the Duke of Savoy and the Spaniards for the succession of Monferrato.

Today the tower remains of the mighty castle, which can be visited and owned by the aqueduct.

The top of the building is a privileged vantage point for observing the hills of the Province of Asti.

Going down towards the valley you will pass in front of the thermal station.

In 1770 a spring with a particular smell was discovered in a field of Agliano.

Subsequent chemical-physical analyzes confirmed the presence of sulfur and other substances in what the locals called "rotten water".

Right in that place, a hotel was built that began to welcome tourists right away and, later, everything became a spa.

Continuing along this flat road, the route will bring you back to the “Enoteca dei Colli Astiani” from where the tour started.

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