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New Archaeological Museum of Ugento

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New Archaeological Museum of Ugento: what's to know

The Archaeological Museum of Ugento: a journey through the history of Messapia

The New Archaeological Museum of Ugento is one of the largest museums in the province of Lecce and houses important finds from the Messapian and Roman periods. The history of Ugento, in fact, has its roots in an ancient past, that of the Messapian civilization, which populated the Salento peninsula before the Roman conquest of the 3rd century BC. The Messapian city of Ugento was enclosed by 5 kilometers of walls and extended over 145 hectares of surface area, a size that made it one of the most important centers of Messapia.

A chest of treasures preserved in an ancient convent

In the beating heart of Ugento, immersed in the evocative streets of the historic center, the New Archaeological Museum is housed inside an ancient Franciscan convent, dating back to 1430. Among the most precious treasures, the copy of the famous bronze statue of Zeus, the mighty god who, with lightning in his hand, reigned supreme over Olympus. Discovered in 1961, the statue offers us an exciting insight into the culture and religion of ancient Messapia. And again, the Athlete's Tomb, a masterpiece of funerary art that reveals the customs and rituals of the time. Its decorated walls, with festoons and ribbons, transport us to a lost world, where the pain of mourning mixed with the celebration of life


Where it is New Archaeological Museum of Ugento

New Archaeological Museum of Ugento



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