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An itinerary to discover a unique corner of the Valle d'Aosta, where natural environments and breathtaking views.

They are revealed at every stroke of the pedal, under the majestic silhouette of the Matterhorn, or "the Great Becca" as the people in the valley call it.

You can cycle through beautiful chestnut woods, meadows, fields and picturesque mountain villages, where they are still visible.

Remnants of the life of a time like ancient water mills and traditional rye bread ovens.

Once the bike is loaded on the cableway, in a few minutes you can reach the village of Chamois, the Pearl of the Alps and the only Italian town not reachable by car.

From here we continue along the splendid farm that, between a panoramic view and the other, leads up to La Magdeleine. Its 7 mills have been perfectly restored and recovered for ethnographic purposes.

Technical features
The route is entirely on minor roads with very little traffic, or on dirt roads, also suitable for minors

(under the responsibility of an adult escort).
Overall height difference uphill: 600 m
Difficulty: Cyclo-excursionism (MC / MC)

What do you find along the route