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This ebike tour will allow you to enjoy the Turin hills and its beautiful nature, until you reach one of its most famous peaks, the basilica of Superga. On the way back to the city, you will also pass by the Lavazza factory and museum, the Porta Palazzo market (the largest in Europe) and the historic center of Turin.

It starts from Via Madama Cristina 21,  BikeSquare Torino electric bike rental point; head towards the Parco del Valentino and climb towards the Monte dei Cappuccini. From here, passing through the districts of Borgo Po and Madonna del Pilone, you go up to Pino Torinese, and then travel on the crest of the Collina to Superga.


To get to the 672 m altitude of the Basilica of Superga you pass through a beautiful road surrounded by trees between Pino Torinese and the basilica itself.
One you get there, you will find yourself in the large square of the basilica, where you won't know what to see first between the view of the city of Turin and the beauty of the building in front of you.
Particularly recommended is passing on the back of the building where you can find the monument to the Torino FC players, who disappeared in a plane crash near Superga on May 4, 1949.
After the visit, you can proceed with a long descent towards the city.

Heading back towards Turin: Parco della Colletta, Lavazza e Porta Palazzo

Back in the city, we recommend passing through the Colletta park to avoid traffic in order to pass in front of the Einaudi Campus and to get closer to the headquarters.
In addition to the Lavazza headquarters, you can find the Lavazza museum and a museum with archaeological remains found during the construction of the palace.
Finally, you can admire the Porta Palazzo market, the largest market in Europe, where you can be sure that you will find that Asian spice you have been looking for for some time or any other fantasy of yours.
Extending the tour to nearby Baloon you will find the most fascinating antiques / second hand / junk market you can imagine.

Getting inside the historical city center, Savoy's palaces and going back home

To return to the historic center you pass through the Porte Palatine, those that were once the true gates of the city.
In series you can visit the Turin Cathedral, where the Holy Shroud is exhibited on significant occasions and the Palazzo della Città, seat of the town hall.
Subsequently, passing through via Garibaldi (street famous for the "vasche", so you walk and see all the shops) you pop out in Piazza Castello, where you can admire the medieval castle embellished with the eighteenth-century facade of the Juvarra, the modern Regio theater (theater for the Opera) and the Royal Palace. A railing with the opening guarded by the bronze statues of the mythological Castor and Pollux on horseback (Pollux distinguishable by the star on the forehead that certifies his divine nature) separates Piazza Castello from the courtyard of Palazzo Reale, seat of the Royal armory. A padlock in the center of this passage identifies according to some one of the gates of paradise and according to others one of the vertices of the white magic triangle Prague, Lyon, Turin.
From Piazza Castello you enter Via Lagrange to enter the fascinating, elegant and enchanting Piazza Carignano.
This square has a concentration of beauty and history that you will hardly find elsewhere! Here, in fact, you can admire, immersed in the maximum expression of Piedmontese Baroque:

Palazzo Carignano, seat of the first Italian parliament Il Cambio restaurant, what was once the most loved restaurant by Cavour The Egyptian museum, the second largest museum in the world for Egyptology

Then we advance and proceed towards Piazza San Carlo, the living room of Turin, a place where we advise you to stop and admire it as one of the greatest examples of elegance and Savoy baroque.
Passing between two Baroque churches you enter the next CNL square with the male and female statues representing respectively the Po and the Dora, the main rivers of Turin. Continue along Via Roma in the direction of the monumental facade of the Porta Nuova station reaching the Sambuy gardens. From here, take the Via Nizza cycle path to Corso Marconi where the building that was the headquarters of FIAT is located (on the right in white tuff) and return to Via Madama Cristina reaching the rental point after a few blocks.


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