A taste of BikeSquare routes in Lunigiana...

E4 Cycle & Taste: Apennine National Park cycling tour

Apennine National Park cycling tour to enjoy postcard landscapes, cycling by e-bike to the Lagastrello Pass and across the Comano valley in Lunigiana.

E2 Cycle & Taste across the Middle Ages

This Middle Ages cycling tour will take you to discover the real essence of Lunigiana, cycling by ebike among medieval villages and castles of the Apennine National Park and Mab Unesco Reserve in Lunigiana.

E1 Cycle & Taste “Archeobike”

Archeobike: archaeological tour by ebike in Lunigiana, from the valley floor to the Apennine National Park.

E3 Cycle & Taste between the Apennine and Apuan Alps Parks

Apuan Alps cycling tour by e-bike, cycling across beautiful rural villages, vineyards and olive groves.